About us

Founded in 1995, Grupo Novel is a brand marketing and advertising agency based in Dominican Republic. We are affiliated with the OMD media group since 2005.

Small by choice, our business model is based on efficiency and profitability, which is the same way we handle our customer’s brands and resources. We respect the value of money and strive to make every cent count for everyone involved.

We really like what we do. Therefore agency management plays an active role in every brand developing process (not just on the sales pitch) and work with our clients on a 1 on 1 basis”

What we do

While traditional media advertising is important, it is more important today to find the, often-invisible, contact points that build a whole experience around a brand in an era where phones are becoming the new computers and computers are becoming the new television sets.

Anything that will make your brand famous is advertising, and our job is to develop the creative content to make that happen”

Understanding this, will determine the success of our brands

How we do it

Dominican consumers behave very differently than the rest of the consumers in Latin America. They have a different set of priorities, drives and motivations that make it harder for canned marketing and advertising to connect with them.

Relevance > Relationship > Response”

With this mantra, we’ve developed a series of tools that pin point the need-dynamics of each consumer segment and translates our messages to their own set of codes; allowing the creation of deeper connections between brands and consumers, that translates into trust, brand building and…cha-chings!

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About the agency

Who we are

A full service brand marketing and advertising agency based in Dominican Republic since 1995 with vast experience in: Food industry, Automotive, Alcoholic Beverages, Retail Stores, Media & Newspapers, Telephone & Communications, Insurance & Financial Services.

What we do

We provide strategic and creative leadership for global brands in need to speak to the local market in an entertaining and engaging way, while maintaining their core brand values and their voice...Learn more.

"Think global, act local"

How we do it

Think about the classic boy meets girl kind of situation...but at summer, in Hawaii, at dawn, with champaign and diamonds and flying angels with banners and stuff. ...Let's talk