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Moving on

03 Jul Moving on

We are exited to report that we moved the agency to a more quiet and spacious location. Here’s our new address: Grupo Novel SRL Calle Eliseo Grullón Nº32 Los Prados, Santo Domingo Dominican Republic. Tweet

Blog: 5 items you should add to your...

02 Jan Blog: 5 items you should add to your company New Year resolution list.

With the increased number of Smartphone’s, iPhones, iPads, ebooks, Tablets, Wi-Fi hotspots and so many other cool gadgets, technology exploded in 2011 augmenting considerably the time people spend online on social media sites. As we say good-bye to 2011, we look forward to what’s to come in 2012 and gather a set of recomendations that could guarantee your brand growth in these dry times.

Blog: Food for data crunchers #1

15 Aug Blog: Food for data crunchers #1

The latest study from Pew Internet looks at the scholastic level of users on different Social Media Networks. Seems that Twitter users are better educated than Facebook users, but users in both networks get an F when compared to users on LinkedIn.

Blog: Say bye bye to wallet. Bye bye...

12 Jul Blog: Say bye bye to wallet. Bye bye wallet.

commerce is the next major advancement in mobile technology. Through the use of 'near field communications' (NFC) chips, several companies are about to revolutionize the way we shop, replacing our wallets with our smartphones.

Blog: 9 Things Successful People...

06 Jun Blog: 9 Things Successful People (and brands) Do Differently

When it comes to creating marketing plans for our brands, in order to be "safe", we tend to be very general on our objectives. This, more often than not, will prevent to achieve reachable and measurable goals and to get our plans fully executed.

Blog: You say jump! Connecting with...

10 May Blog: You say jump! Connecting with Influencers

An Influencer is somebody with a different thinking and a different way of expressing themselves ( it can be music, fashion, art, sports, thecnology experts, etc) and serve as role models for specifics audiences.

Blog: How to Hire an Ad Agency

21 Mar Blog: How to Hire an Ad Agency

Interesting read from BusinessWeek, here’s a excerpt: Advertising is an exciting, visible business, and when another brand’s agency is making news, it can make their grass appear greener. Plus, it’s a business based on experience, confidence and trust. When trust breaks down, relationships end. Whatever... [+]

Blog: Ride the Colletive...

01 Mar Blog: Ride the Colletive Consiousness wave.

People are thinking less about “me” and more about what “we” can do together, whether for pure entertainment, for sharing resources or experiences or for addressing global issues" Marketers should tap into this trend to create movement around their brands, they must consider their consumers’ online and offline worlds as one integrated whole and "genuinely" provide the tools for the realization of their collective interest. Those brands will be also enabling a platform for consumers to show passion and engagement among their real-life social groups and ....for the product"

Blog: The Breakup. In case you...

16 Feb Blog: The Breakup. In case you haven’t seen it.

t; via YouTube – The Breakup – Subtítulos en Espanol. Tweet

Blog: Are you into marketing kids...

07 Feb Blog: Are you into marketing kids products?

Then keep an eye into this youtube channel. This guys are posting kids reactions to some mayor viral videos. On this episode:Golden Voice Homeless Man, Charlie Bit My Finger On this episode: Double Rainbow, Obama Fail, Twin Rabbits, Snickers Halloween Tweet

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