Blog: Got what it takes to be a leader?

Posted by rmunoz on January 12, 2011

Blog: Got what it takes to be a leader?

Everybody says the want to be one, but only few have what it takes to get there.

Here’s an amazing presentation made by Derek Sivers @ TED about leadership and creating movements, treats that can be perfectly applied into brand development.

Here´s an excerpt:

1) A leader needs the guts to stand out and take risks, even if it means to be ridiculed.
2) The first follower should be treated as an equal by the leader.
3) The first follower will then teach others “how to follow”.
4) A movement has to be public; and must not be about the leader, it must be about the group.
5) As more people join in, it becomes less risky and ridiculous to be part of this movement.

Below is the full video is (3:10)

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