Blog: You say jump! Connecting with Influencers

Posted by rmunoz on May 10, 2011

Blog: You say jump! Connecting with Influencers

The Influencers are usually the early adopters (or first followers) that everyone ends up paying attention to. They are well respected in their areas of impact and their opinion is valued. An influencer is someone people will listen to, and react to what they say.

An Influencer is somebody with a different thinking and a different way of expressing themselves ( it can be music, fashion, art, sports, technology experts, etc) they are the trendsetters, the ones on the a-list, the ones that, even if they are not celebrities, everyone ends up talking about them.

Ideas and products and messages and behaviors spread just like viruses do” – Malcolm Gladwell

Bellow, you’ll find and excerpt of an interesting article from

Targeting the Right Influencers

It’s important for retailers and brands to focus on targeting small groups of online influencers who are experts in the niches they cover. Online influencers don’t care about news. They care about experiences — especially unique experiences that help them differentiate themselves from and to their audience.

Relevant influencers create signals. The “big fish” create noise.

For decades, advertising has trained marketers that noise equals success, which isn’t true. Getting the attention of influencers who have built authority with a target audience and have earned trust in communities relevant to specific businesses is what yields the best return.

Targeting relevant influencers drastically increases the “engagement hit rate.”

Instead of reaching out very generically with yet another media coverage request, you’ll be talking to someone genuinely interested in your issues, industry and products.

“Big fish are actually influenced by targeted voices”

They are much more likely to cover your story and get interested in your product after you gain “street cred” with relevant influencers.

In order to engage relevant influencers successfully, brands must:

1. Target relevant influencers based on expertise and desired outcome.
2. Talk to them inside their story, not the brand’s story.
3. Engage them early and build a relationship that outlasts the brand’s campaign.
4. Be honest and don’t just talk to people who already like your brand.
5. Give up control of the message and trust your influencers to tell the brand story through their words.

For the full article, click here :“How to Connect Your Brand to the Right Online Influencers”

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