Blog: 5 items you should add to your company New Year resolution list.

Posted by rmunoz on January 2, 2012

Blog: 5 items you should add to your company New Year resolution list.

With the increased number of Smartphone’s, iPhones, iPads, ebooks, Tablets, Wi-Fi hotspots and so many other cool gadgets, technology exploded in 2011 augmenting considerably the time people spend online on social media sites.

As we say good-bye to 2011, we look forward to what’s to come in 2012 and gather a set of recomendations that could guarantee your brand growth in these dry times.

1) Incorporate Social Media to your company website.

Facebook pages or Twitter profiles are as important as reading reviews about your business as they are, in essence, word of mouth recommendations. Tap into the fun and let your customers learn about you and your profiles with ease.

2) Forget that awesome Adobe Flash Website.

In 2011, over 296 million smartphones where shipped globally. Next year, shipments could jump to over 630 million. You just might consider making your website available to all of these devices as well as for all those iPads, Tablets, etc.

Talk to your web team about HTML5 and CSS3 (Google it)

3) Be there.

Increase the personal support on Social networking sites. They have become an accepted outlet to share experiences and rants. Have a 1 on 1 conversation with your clients on your social media pages, respond their queries and comments… And respond to them fast.

4) Double check you Social media budget.

Social media has changed the world, it’s important that your marketing change at the same rate. Websites like, Facebook and Twitter, are such a large part of everyday life for so many people that it’s hard to picture life without this social connection.

It’s smart to take your advertising where the people actually are.

5) Increase your social media footprint

With the recent addition of Facebook’s Timeline, people can now look back through your Facebook “life” more visually and easily.

Yelp! profiles, Twitter, Flicker, Myspace, Linkedin, YouTube, etc. all increase your footprint. The more social media sites that are introduced, and you create an account for, will continue to increase your social media footprint and be more available to your prospects.

Happy New Year!

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