Blog: Say bye bye to wallet. Bye bye wallet.

Posted by rmunoz on July 12, 2011

Blog: Say bye bye to wallet. Bye bye wallet.

Money has evolved several times in human history: barter, coins, paper, plastic, and now, phones?

It’s true — commerce is the next major advancement in mobile technology. Through the use of ‘near field communications’ (NFC) chips, several companies are about to revolutionize the way we shop, replacing our wallets with our smartphones.

PayPal, the payments giant, predicts that the wallet will be dead by 2015. and It recently acquired a mobile payments provider for $240 million.

Similar moves have been made by Google and Visa on the verge of the what seems to be a wave of rummors reggarding mayor mobile manufacturers incorporating the NFC system to their next generation hardware.

Professional community service G+ decided to look deeper into mobile payment trends and created an infographic that tracks what experts and analysts believe will happen to mobile commerce in the next four years, including what will happen with near field communication (NFC). G+ also compared some of the current players in the mobile payment space.

Why should you care?

As technology moves forward,  identifying and understating this sort of “technical” trends will allow us to implement faster and better promotional strategies for our brands. We are living in a viral world and whoever taps first into consumer trends will by effect regard the biggest impact.

If it impacts your consumers lifestyle, it will impact your business”

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